The Positive Role Of Social Media And Technology On The Welfare Of Society

Whenever someone mentions the social media we immediately start to think of gossip and entertainment. This is something old, social media has evolved itself beyond these two basic means. It’s growing vastly due the positive impact it’s having on the whole society. A social media agency is also serving the same purpose of providing benefits to the society. For a fact, we all do agree that social media platforms have a greater influence over our lives than anything else but it doesn’t mean we stop counting on the benefits which it is generating for all of us.

It’s very easy to call people slaves to a screen but not realizing that we are taking this technology for granted. There are so many people who don’t have access to the internet. They know the real meaning and benefits of such platforms which help you stay connected with the world 24/7.

How Beneficial Is Social Media To Generation Today

1. Connectivity:

This generation known as generation Y and Z are fortunate enough as they can connect quickly with friends and family just by logging into their various social media accounts. They don’t have use the traditional methods of writing letters and then waiting for months to get a reply. Their conversations happen in minutes and all thanks to social media for this. Not only sharing messages but various social media platforms also allow you to video call, so no matter how many miles away you’re but you still get you see and talk to the person both at the same time.@

2. Fitness And Feasibility:

People these days are very health conscious; they all are taking part in the race of reducing weight. Social media platforms provide such fitness freaks with fitness gurus. These Guru’s help people to reduce weight by offering them feasible diet plans and exercises. Not just this but if someone does not want to join gym and yet wants to lose weight then, all the weight loss videos are available online on social media platforms. Won’t it be acceptable to say that social media has made lives a lot easier.

3. Opportunity Seeking:

As we said earlier that this platform is not just being used for entertainment anymore, there’s a lot more to it as well. This is actually created for people to learn and gain skills and seek new and better opportunities are there are many big as well as small multinationals which are recruiting people online through various social media platforms. Individuals can apply for these jobs also just by sitting at home all they have to do is email their resume to the respective companies. This allows people to search for jobs just by making a few clicks and good research skills.

4. Blogging And Influencer Marketing:


Not only this you can also use it for entertainment and then can make money out of it. This is usually done by posting about music, food, fashion and all of the trending things. These platforms also help us to get instant information, such as we can turn on alerts for news and all the breaking news would come as notifications into our devices. This technology is also very useful when it comes to natural disasters; all other countries are made aware of it through these social platforms. Due to which the world comes forward with aids and donations because families around the world are connected to each other.

5. Educational Purpose:

These platforms can also be utilized for the sake of education. Young people known as millennial are a key to creating a change. There are many teachers who give online classes with the help of these social media platforms. Not only this but also some schools and colleges have brought technology into classrooms. They upload video tutorials and students can look at those to prepare for exams. There are also many websites giving online tests and quizzes for the specified topics.

6. Online Shopping With E-Commerce:

Despite for a number of benefits of social media, this is also one of the greatest benefits of it. There are so many businesses and brands marketing their business on various social media platforms. Most of them are also providing free delivery services. This means that people can just sit at home and get all things done, whether it is ordering clothes or grocery everything is available online. This actually means that technology has made our lives a lot easier than we actually could have imagined.

7. Transportation And Technology:

Some countries don’t have well developed infrastructure, which leads to poor transport. Two of the very famous companies Uber and Careem bought technology into transport. This means that you get yourself a ride just by making a few clicks. You don’t need to wait for a bus at the bus stand. As you just need to download and app and travel. It’s not wrong or inappropriate to say that the benefits derived for technology and social media outweigh all the disadvantages of it.

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