Things To Know About When You Want To Do Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is considered to be a no brainer for the businesses and it is extremely valuable when conversions, brand awareness, and customer happiness are considered. Almost all the businesses from every part of the globe have knowledge about using Instagram for improving their marketing strategies. If you have just started your business or you have already gained a proper reputation, you need to learn the different organic as well as paid methods of generating new followers as well as engagement on Instagram.

The basics of Instagram marketing

A business profile on Instagram is a must as it will help you to track as to how your business is performing on Instagram. You will be able to create paid Instagram advertisements. Advertisements are definitely one of the best ways of generating names for your email list, increasing the trial sign-ups, driving traffic to the landing pages, and most importantly convert the prospects into customers.

Kinds of Instagram advertisements

Given below is a list of the different kinds of Instagram paid advertisements that you should know about.

Photo advertisements

The photo advertisements help in showing the brand as well as the products and services that you offer. It is going to look exactly like the regular Instagram posts but the only difference is that it is going to say “sponsored”, around the right-hand corner. These are going to show up only for the targeted audience, which you select. These advertisements are considered to be the best way of defining your brand, showcasing the products, and sending the viewers to the click-through links.

Video advertisements

Video has been responsible for gaining a lot of preference among the Instagrammers. According to, 87% of online advertisers are responsible for using videos. The video advertisements on Instagram are normally 1 minute long and they are the best ways of attracting new followers as well as customers. They looked almost like photo advertisements. Videos can be used for showing the users as to how the products can be used. If you are selling services, you can use videos for sharing any educational advice.

Carousel advertisements

With the help of carousel advertisements, your users will be able to see more than just a single video or photo and will be able to swipe through the different contents within one single post. You can make use of carousel advertisements when you are interested in displaying more than a single product or a feature. You can get followers for Instagram by using carousel advertisements.

Story advertisements

Stories are basically the short clips, which have a lot of similarity with the Snapchat videos. The story can easily be viewed by the followers and will be featured right on the top of the browsers of the followers.

On basis of the requirements that you have, you can use the different kinds of paid advertisements for advertising the products and services that you are offering to the customers.


The one and only way in which you can attract the attention of your followers or customers towards your services and products is by using the methods of advertising. Ensure that you have knowledge about these Instagram advertisements so that you can easily use them according to your comfort.



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