Saitama Workout Challenge

Saitama is a glabrous hero with unfamiliar issues. No other personality is that much strong to satisfy their desires for any challenging fight. He usually terminates his enemies with his single punch only.  This quality makes him different from others and a famous personality all over the world. Well, his workout training is very much different and challenging for others. And a few years ago only, he has shared his secret workout training with all of us on social sites.

So, if you guys, want to know about Saitama workout challenge, you are at the perfect place. Here I will tell you everything about his workout challenge so that you can come to know about his secret behind his transformation.

Saitama’s Workout Routine

  • 100 Squats
  • 100 crunches
  • 10 km Running
  • 100 Push-Ups


So, these are the exercises which you need to do in your daily routine without missing even a single day. These exercises may or may not develop a superhero like Saitama, but they will surely improve your stamina, cardiovascular health, endurance, and core strength. So, in short, these exercises have many health benefits which you will surely be going to feel after following this workout routine.

So as far as fitness training is concerned, no other workout training schedule is better than Saitama’s workout routine. This routine will work on all the important muscles areas. Your upper body, core, as well as your lower body will be affected. So without the help of any machine and fewer injury risks, you will be able to work on your body fitness.

Following this routine will surely going to be a lot of fun, and it is very easy to follow also. On the Other hand, this routine is not that simple. Yes, One Punch Man workout  guide has some downsides. This routine is not suitable for building extreme muscle mass. Though you will notice many improvements as I have mentioned above, building muscle mass is not the only focus. 

This routine includes only the push-up exercise but not the pull-up exercise. If it would include the pulling movement, it would be the best and all-rounder exercise. So, I would suggest doing some add ons, and along with the Saitama’s challenge, you must also do the pull-up exercise.

Well, after talking about the Saitama’s workout schedules, I would now tell you something about the Saitama’s diet rule.

Saitama always suggests not to miss out breakfast. No matter whatever you are eating and in what quantity, you must eat something. It may be a single banana or any other food it can be. But you need to add two necessary things in your diet to become a superhero.

More Protein: It is suggested to take at least 8 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. So it’s better to take eggs, legumes, beans, and salmons because they will always maintain your energy level.

More vegetables and Fruits: Choose as many colorful fruits as you can. It is the best way to get nutrition from fruits and vegetables. Though banana is one of the best fruits, oranges, berries, and apples are packed with a good quantity of proteins, sugar, and carbs.

So, guys, this is the best diet guide which you all need to follow while following the Saitama’s challenge.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, it is all about Saitama’s workout challenge. I hope this article inspired you all. So follow this guide and make yourself fit and healthy like Saitama. But guys, don’t forget to follow my personal instructions which I have instructed you all. As everybody’s body potential is not the same, one must need to work according to it. So, it’s better to work according to your body rather than injure yourself and back out from the workout for several weeks.

Well, after following this guide, you will surely be going to feel a change in your body, and you will stay fit and healthy.

Well, now I would end up my article here but if you are left with any queries or doubts or want something more to know Saitama’s challenge, contact us through the comment section below. We will answer you and clear all your doubts. Thank You.

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