Rhinoplasty Dubai: Helping You Achieve The Perfect Nose Reshape To Regain Your Confidence

The nose plays a crucial role in facial balance. You love it when you have a pointed nose or nicely shaped type. But not many people are happy with how their nose looks. Taking the effort to achieve a more harmonious nose shape is today a possibility with Rhinoplasty Dubai surgical treatment. With Rhinoplasty Dubai Treatment, the nose’s shape and size can all be altered to the specification one desires.

Two Core Reasons People Go for Rhinoplasty Surgery

In general, there are two core reasons why to go for Rhinoplasty surgery treatment. So much emphasis is put on looking good and attractive, but it goes beyond the physical attraction. Coming from the premise of the above, one primary reason is for cosmetic purpose. The majority of Rhinoplasty Surgery fall under this category.

The other important reason that is not any way less important is the medical reason. Rhinoplasty helps to solve a whole lot of issues that affects the human system via the nose.

Combining the two purposes people have for taking to a nose job, we can arrive at the benefits of carrying out the procedure which include:

  • Improve breathing
  • Help build self-esteem and confidence
  • Correct congenital disabilities
  • Fix damaged or broken nose during an accident
  • To treat snoring
  • Prevent children from bullying
  • Help professional job performance in the long run

Nose reshaping is a plastic surgery and the most common plastic surgery that many are comfortable doing owing to how easy it is and its low risk.

Rhinoplasty Surgery is either carried out from the inside of your nostrils or with a small incision on the nose. The type that gives a cut to reveal the skin is an open Rhinoplasty while the later where the inside of the nostril is the focal area is a closed Rhinoplasty.

Treatment differs according to individuals, and the treatment pattern depends on the area of the nose that requires alteration.

Rhinoplasty Dubai treatment is used to alter various parts of the nose including the tip, length, width and size of the nose. Typically it does:

  • Reshape the tip of your nose
  • Alter the length and breadth of the nose
  • Change the hump at the bridge of your nose
  • Restructure the nose after suffering an injury
  • Open up a blocked nasal airways

Before the Procedure

Before the operation proper, you will meet with a surgeon who will carefully examine your case and recommend appropriately whether Rhinoplasty will be the best for you. A clinical psychologist will attend to you as well to discuss the social implication of your intended new look.

The Outcome

Rhinoplasty Dubai takes not more than 3 hours at most, depending on the choice of technique applied. Patients may spend two nights at the clinic in the course of the surgery. They’ll have to hold a splint over their nose with a tape for seven days. You’ll still need a pad under the same for 12 hours. No rigorous exercises at this period but you can walk some distance after three days.  Stay two weeks away from work to help you heal. As reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), over 17 million cosmetic surgery procedures were carried out in the US alone in 2016. In this staggering figure, Rhinoplasty Surgery ranks among the top in demand. Millions of men, women and their children turn to this procedure to help their facial look or treat a medical condition. This is where hRhinoplasty Dubai treatment comes in. Life-changing outcomes are accessible in the before and after patient photos of past treatment records for prospecting patients to review.

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