Importance of Regular Health Checkup & Preventive Medicine

Everyone wants to be healthy though what it means varies from person to person. However, choosing healthy lifestyle and better health results over the passage of time requires that one is able to identify the ailments and take remedial steps. That is where regular health checkup and use of preventive medicines become relevant.

Good Health Starts with Prevention

A prevalent concept in medical circles is that good health starts with prevention. At the same time such prevention starts with an individual. When people are able to establish good health habits can ensure healthier as well as happier lives for anyone.

Regular Checkups are Part of Preventive Routine

Regular checkups constitute an integral part of the preventive routine in the health strategy building and in achievement of the set health goals. Prevention of diseases before they attack is great just as well serviced cars run smoothly. It is the process of nipping the problem in the bud.

Regular Checkups and use of Preventive Medicine

Regular checkups help detect physical problems before they take a complex turn. Use of preventive medicines can check successfully the attack of many diseases that could result in prolonged hospitalization and large medical bills. The sooner the emerging health problems are detected the easier would be their treatment.

Diseases needing Regular Health checkups and Preventive Medicines

Some of the diseases that need regular health checkups and use of preventive medicines are blood pressure, diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. Early detection and use of appropriate preventive medicines can help prevent their growth and resulting complexities.

Preventive Medicine – The Journal

An international journal that was founded in 1972, Preventive Medicine publishes original articles and contents relating to the practice of preventing diseases. It also publishes contents on health promotion as well as policy making on health issues and aims to reward innovation.

Publishes original articles on the science and practice of disease prevention, health promotion, and public health policy making. Preventive Medicine aims to reward innovation.

Regular Health Checkups for access to Preventive Medical Services

Depending on one’s age, the patient can have access to free medical services like tests on blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer screening, and counseling etc. Regular health checkups help learning the exact time when such services are necessary.

Greatest advantage of regular medical checkups is creating awareness in the patient and giving valuable information about his or health status to the treating physician.