How to Take Care of Gold-Plated Jewelry?

Jewelry with a gold plate is a massive innovation. You can purchase gems from other metal, wrapped in a nice outer gold layer if you can’t afford solid gold jewelers (and most of us can’t). Without draining your bank account, you get the look of the real deal.

Sadly, it’s not invincible to plate gold. It is small enough to be measured in microns (one millionth of a meter). Thin material is more likely to sustain damage than thick stuff. So, your thin gold plating can get scratched and worn. (Think about how fast it is to snap a piece of string in comparison to a thick rope.)

Gold plating can also easily tarnish if exposed to some pH-neutral content. The pH test tests the acidity of something. If a substance is neutral and less than 7 is acidic a substance would be recorded as a 7. If the product is alkali nous rather than acidic, it can measure up to the pH scale of 14 (with high ranks of lye and ammonia) (the lowest rating of battery-acid, lemon juice, and vinegar).

Then how will your plated jewelry be protected?

Just a couple of tips here:

Remove your diamonds, chlorine or salt water before swimming.

Remove your gems before taking part in events that make you sweat a lot.

Wait before you add lotion, lipstick or perfume to your gold-plated jewelry.

Remove gems if you’re going to put them in touch with something difficult. (Take your ring off before weight lift, for example.)

Store the plated gems where they do not rub against other harsh compounds (the perfect soft bag is one per piece of gem).

Remove any dirt or debris with a soft sweet cloth after every use. You can also dry it with a smooth cloth (or a soft brush to clean small splits and crevices) for a few minutes in wet, soapy water.

All is not lost when the jewels are tarnished beyond what proper cleaning can cure. By placing them again or by plate or jewelry and other items with the 18 or 24k gold placing package, you can breathe life into your jewelry.

If you know how to clean and protect it from scratches or fade, gold-plated jewels can stay bright and brilliant for a long time. Some people believe it can easily be tarnished because it’s just gold plated. However, the way you clean and wash your gemstones is very critical if you pay careful attention to this infographic.