Here Some Easy Ways to Style Our Mandala Collection

There is still curiosity about the supernatural and the sacred, with the latest ‘mantra’ of well-becoming becoming spirituality; one of the most popular examples of the internet abuzz these days is the ‘Mandala.’ These intricately patterned designs still pop up on our Instagram stream, ranging from home decor to beach towels. But ‘mandalas’ are not just some foreign pattern that has recently become popular online; for centuries, these spiritual icons have existed. While ‘Mandala’ has become a popular term in Western countries to refer to any circular decoration used as a relaxation tool in meditation, on the contrary, this symbol typically represented by intricate concentric circles has a deeper meaning. They are divine icons that are known to represent the universe in a visual way.

Mandala is a word that means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. Typically, therefore, a mandala is a set of complex concentric circles with other patterns in it. In Hinduism, Buddhism and some elements of Jainism, this spiritual emblem is commonly found. Just like there is no endpoint in a circle, the mandala ‘s circular nature is symbolic of the fact that life is never-ending and everything is connected.
You can discover symbols inside the circular patterns that are typical in most mandalas. The core of the mandala is a dot that is a symbol that is considered free of dimensions, surrounded by lines and geometric patterns that symbolise the world, and encompassed by an outer circle that reflects the cyclical nature of life. As per Buddhism, the existence of the mind of Buddha is depicted in an abstract form, typically represented as a wheel, tree, flower or jewel.

The delicate Mandala set gold plated jewellery is a reflection of the universe and our connexion with the mysterious infinity. The geometric figures that symbolise wholeness inspire it. A great way to reconnect with your spiritual heart and let the universal energies spread from inside you is to wear these precious, hand-crafted, gold pieces every day. The beautiful mandala earrings, gold earrings and bracelets from Kaashusa are handcrafted in 18k gold and studded with dazzling gemstones.

The flexibility of the Mandala collection is that it can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit. These delicate circular patterned pendants can be worn as daily jewellery or sometimes, take the Latticed Diamond and 18k Gold pendant or the Axial Gold. It can be paired with a plain linen maxi dress, kurta, or cotton sari, printed with a pastel block. Since mandalas have been known to calm the mind and body by helping to foster the feeling of inner peace and happiness, it will help you draw on this positive energy to wear a piece of jewellery that is symbolic of this spiritual symbol.

The Spoked 18k Gold bracelet is another piece of everyday jewellery that you can couple with your jeans and a cute off-shoulder coat. This is a delicate gold bracelet with a mandala charm that is dainty and magical and helps with general well-being.
On the other hand, the bedazzling Mandala flower, multi-Sapphire pendant with an inner floral design and ‘chakra’ like external design is a more elegant piece of jewellery. The Mandala flower jewellery is ideal for those occasions that require you to dress up in your resplendent silk saris or brilliant jewel-toned kurtas, such as evening functions or ‘poojas.’

We love the complexity of the filigree danglers, whether a breezy summer dress or a maxi skirt paired with a cami top, that can lift any outfit.
Mandalas alleviate stress , anxiety, anxiety and depression and have the ability to promote creativity and enhance concentration.