Healthy Meal Prep For Moms And Sleeping Hacks For Kids

With a baby in your house, it’s not easy for you to eat well and not healthy for sure, you spend money on buying some ready-made food that you can store for a day or two in your pantry and can eat that. Well, your kid and you need a proper diet plan which seems impossible with a small baby or kids in your house. What you have to do? When you have to do? Wait. Well let’s talk about Sunday, it’s the weekend and you have a helping hand around you so keep your kids busy and get some fresh groceries.

Pile them up the ones who take the longest cooking time like raw beef, just let it cook for some hours and pile up some easy cooking things like chicken, vegetables, and dips. Well go for some vegetables, chop them well season them and toss it in a pan or let it stay crunchy and pack it into an airtight bag. Marinate some chicken and bake it well or toss it into the pan and shred it, keep it into an airtight bag also.

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Get some snacks like tortilla chips or crackers, keep them in your pantry and make a smooth hummus or dipping sauce. Check if the beef is done, if yes then slice it down and store it into the fridge with all other food items. Last but not least get some berries and make a combination of them like strawberries and raspberries in one bag and blueberries and cherries in other.

Take out these bags every morning and mix it with whole milk and a little pinch of sugar if needed and you can have a healthy smoothie every day with your toast or a bowl of cereal. Same as with the other meal peeps you’ve done, just make a combination of for instance chicken and beans with vegetables with some seasoning and you can have a snack time too. Just get those chips and crackers with some hummus or dipping sauce and enjoy.

Meal preps are always fun but what about putting your kid to sleep. It needs a lot of patience and effort. Well here’s a tip, just make them feel comfortable with what they are wearing to where they are sleeping. Check everything if it’s fine or not, if it is, then take some lavender oil and pour a few drops on their bed and their pillow.

It will definitely help them to sleep faster. It’s not a sedative sort of a thing but it’s actually good for their nostrils and it will help them to breathe fine when they are sleeping. Make your kids wear some comfortable night clothes like soft rompers or PJs. The fabric they wear should be of high quality. Always take care of this factor while looking for online baby clothes In Pakistan.

Another tip for their calm sleep is to bathe them well before bedtime. Use some baby oil, baby colognes with light fragrances. Moisturize them well so they get to sleep well. It’s a known fact that when kids are around light fragrances they sleep well.

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