Use content:// To Build Custom Web Page

Use content:// To Build Custom Web Page

You can find content:// on your Android device as the default website. The website is built in. Most of us want the standard and modified browsers of our own homepage. As all browsers have specific homepages, Chrome browsers come with Google’s homepage for instance. In this article, I’ll tell you how to set up your web browser by default and how you can set up your Android default browser.

The fact that you click the link hyperlink is opened on the android web browser is very important. Many of us like using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and so on so that we can switch to any one of these browsers and then the default browser of our choice can open all hyperlinks. Because most browsers use Google search engines as their default home page, instead of content:// the google will be Google’s homepage.

All browsers allow their own default homepage for their users. Although most of them are Google, some browsers are also using Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. But you can change to any other search engine if your browsers are content:// or Google and you don’t like it.

You may just change the default app and do nothing to think about content:// the homepage on your favorite homepage instead. Android content:// homepage.

How to switch content:// a web browser’s web site?

Tap on your Android device’s Chrome icon to select “Internet” or “Browser” to open your Android web browser.

Tap on 3 points on the right top corner of the open menu of your app.

Click on Menu Settings

Set Homepage to Tap General and Tap.

Enter the Url of your page, which is your default website.

To save press. Close your browser and reopen it.

Now you can see that content:// is no longer available and your homepage has modified.

How do you switch content:// your browser to any browser?

Why would everyone still use the default Android device browser when we can set any default Android browser of our request. And it can’t force the maker to use the embedded browser.  We have a lot of web browsers with impressive features on Google Play today. The default browser can be downloaded and used for any browser.

Prefer Google Chrome, Opera Mini because they’re user-friendly and PC-friendly. Each bookmark, browser history, code saved, extensions can be synchronized with any system you log into is not so wonderful.

You don’t have to think about content:// because your homepage varies from browser to browser if you can just set a different browser as the standard, rather than an integrated browser.

This is how you can set your Android default browser content://

Open your smartphone’s settings.

Search Default Apps option and select Apps

Click the Default Apps button.

Check the web browser

All tabs on your phone are now available.

Select and click Save your default web browser

Remove content://

As we know, the default URL for the Inbuilt app on android devices is content:// Users don’t like this homepage because the browser itself is even worse because it looks really poor because the Interface isn’t nice. Follow the following steps to delete content:// as your homepage.

Start the Installed web browser default

Select menu settings and click on the menu option.

Tap General now and click Homepage to select.

Type the URL or search engine that you want the default homepage to save.

Click Save Button.

Check if the settings have been saved and close your browser. Try to change settings once again if your browser always opens content://